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Bleach Episode 224 [HOT]

2. As if to prove my point that Pretty Boys are the true priority, we then spend like an entire episode on two of the side dudes arguing about which one is prettier. (Neither of them can hope to out-pretty Aizen, Ulqui or GJ, unfortunately)

Bleach Episode 224


On first sight, Cromartie High School and Gintama do not seem to have much in common. Significantly different artstyle, different setting and different number of episodes. However, the main reason for this recommendation is the similarities in style of humor, (mostly) excluding the episodes with a more serious tone in Gintama. Both series heavily rely on humor based on impressions given by characters on conduct by other characters, resulting in random (or unexpected) events. This is further aided with the Amanto (or aliens) in Gintama and the silent (and "animorphic") characters in Cromartie High School. 041b061a72


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