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Jeppesen Flitedeck Pro Windows 44

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro Windows 44: A Review

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro is the industrys first, best and most reliable mobile airline charting application, used by more than 380 aviation organizations every day. It delivers data-driven EFB data directly to your iPad or Windows device, and serves as a true paper-replacement solution for RNAV capable flight decks. In this article, we will review the latest version of FliteDeck Pro for Windows, which is version 44, and highlight some of its features and benefits.

What's New in Version 44?

Version 44 of FliteDeck Pro for Windows was released in August 2023, and it introduced some new features and enhancements to improve the user experience and functionality of the app. Some of the notable changes are:


  • Observed Turbulence: FliteDeck Pro now displays live, crowd-sourced IATA or Skypath Observed Turbulence on your enroute map, allowing you to avoid turbulence when feasible and make appropriate preparations when unavoidable. You can also filter the turbulence data by altitude and intensity to focus on the relevant information for your flight.

  • Aircraft Connectivity: FliteDeck Pro now supports the industrys most popular Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs), such as Teledyne, Collins Aerospace, Honeywell and more. This enables FliteDeck Pro users to fully benefit from new EFB enhancements and accurate ownship depiction. You can also view aircraft parameters such as speed, altitude, heading, fuel and more on your device.

  • Smart Airport Maps: FliteDeck Pro now offers Smart Airport Maps, which give pilots access to contextual airport information unique to their aircraft type, weather conditions and operation-specific preferences. You can view detailed information on runways, hotspots, gates, de-icing pads and parking stands by touching the object on Jeppesens airport map. You can also view optimal runway exit points and predicted stopping distances or brake cooling times on your airport map, if you integrate FliteDeck Pro with Boeing Onboard Performance Tool.

  • ADS-B Connectivity: FliteDeck Pro now enables pilots to view ADS-B data services on their device, through Jeppesens ADS-B Connectivity Pack. You can view TIS-B enroute traffic, live inflight FIS-B weather as well as aircraft and non-aircraft traffic at airports to improve pilot situational awareness and strategic planning.

  • Tailored Airport Information: FliteDeck Pro now allows you to supplement airport charts and maps with your own information such as comms, company airport frequencies, text and images. This can help you reduce heads-down time during the airport phase of flight and access operationally relevant data.

  • Tailored Enroute: FliteDeck Pro now lets you supplement Jeppesens dynamic enroute data with your own operationally specific and relevant data. You can add custom waypoints, routes, airspaces, navaids and more to your enroute map and share them with other users in your organization.

What are the Benefits of FliteDeck Pro?

FliteDeck Pro is designed to provide pilots with all aeronautical maps, charts, manuals and documents needed for paperless flying. It offers many benefits for airlines and military operators, such as:

  • Improved Safety: FliteDeck Pro enhances pilot situational awareness during all phases of flight, through data-driven, interactive maps combined with Jeppesen flight data. It also reduces pilot workload and distraction by providing pertinent flight information based on chronological and geospatial data through SmartNotes feature. It also displays in-app NOTAMs pertaining to the selected terminal chart or map.

  • Increased Efficiency: FliteDeck Pro streamlines flight preparation and execution by allowing pilots to display ATC clearances and flight plan imports on their device. It also enables pilots to make better decisions based on better weather information provided by The Weather Company on their enroute map. It also supports automated device tracking with efficient delivery and reporting to multiple devices from one application.

  • Reduced Costs: FliteDeck Pro eliminates the need for paper charts and manuals, which can save airlines and military operators significant time and money on printing, distribution and storage. It also helps optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions by enabling pilots to avoid turbulence and plan optimal routes based on weather and traffic data. It also helps control brake wear-and-tear by showing optimal runway exit points and predicted stopping distances or brake cooling times on the airport map.

How to Get FliteDeck Pro?

FliteDeck Pro is available for iPad and Windows devices, and it requires a subscription from Jeppesen. You can contact Jeppesen to request a demo or a quote for FliteDeck Pro. You can also visit Jeppesen's website to learn more about FliteDeck Pro and its features. You can also access the user guide, release notes, administrator guide and other documentation from Jeppesen's support portal.

FliteDeck Pro is a robust and innovative mobile airline charting application that can help you achieve a new level of efficiency and safety in your aviation operation. If you are looking for a paper-replacement solution for RNAV capable flight decks, FliteDeck Pro is the app for you.


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