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The "monkeys" are an artificial breed of brine shrimp, a type of aquatic crustacean. Brine shrimp in the wild live throughout the world and are only found in salty, inland waters isolated from the ocean. They are found reliably in the Great Salt Lake in Utah and Mono Lake in California, but they appear in salt ponds across the globe.

buy sea monkeys argos

Since being introduced to the toy market half a century ago, sea monkeys have become a cult phenomenon. But they are actually interesting creatures in their own right, according to Glenn R. Parsons, a professor and marine biologist at the University of Mississippi. Parsons teaches several lectures on invertebrates, including brine shrimp.

But Parsons told Newsweek that the eggs, which look like dust, are actually cysts: "Brine shrimp form a cyst stage, and the cysts were marketed as eggs. The cysts can remain in a dormant stage for years if kept dry. The 'eggs' were sold on the back pages of comic books as 'sea monkeys,'" he said.

Fully grown brine shrimp only grow up to half an inch long. Some sea monkey customers claim theirs have grown up to an inch, but this is incredibly rare. Once fully grown, they also develop a tail that remotely resembles those of monkeys, hence their marketed name. 041b061a72


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