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Always Intuitive...ALWAYS!

This site is me. It's how I run my life. It's how I find my flow especially when I don't feel like I have it. What you'll see on these pages are ideas, concepts, and thoughts that have carried me through to the next level or things that have kept my head above water on the current one. this is my journey in learning how to trust my intuition in every facet and exploring how that trust carries me forward to expand who I am and all of who I can be.

I believe we all tap into our intuition when it's most needed but most of the time we overthink and miss out on opportunities in life. The challenge for most people is where do you fall in between the science and spiritual aspects the intuition encompasses? Personally I don't care which school of thought you rely on to carry you through as long as you just believe and flow with it. Belief is really the only thing that matters. How you define your belief, how you make it work for you, how it gets used to create your passions...that is truly all that matters. And this is my journey of discovery.


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